Thanks for the great riding again, Ronald. You mentioned that GenZ requires special training for advanced skills. I would submit that I have seen a huge departure from basic skills that are the bedrock of law-enforcement. Contact cover, control holds, officer, safety, wearing your seatbelt, having Courageous Nobility in what you do as demonstrated by the caliber of your uniform, gear, and vehicle.

As we attract this new generation, it is foundational to teach them the full complement of basic skills to watch them thrive!

Thank you for your thoughts!

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Jeff, I really appreciate your feedback and completely agree with you. There is no question that policing overall is losing ground by a lack of the basics. Gen Z, today, demands advanced training beyond basic recruit patrol procedure. They want to go to CNT, advanced DV, even DUI specialized training after they are on the road. However, we can't take them off the road to go to training until there is adequate staffing, which is where we are lacking because of the absence of a recruiting strategy.

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It is a horrible dichotomy in policing right now. We absolutely need to have the most qualified, capable, liability-conscious police officers on the street; however, we don’t allow those officers that need training in these areas the most the opportunity to complete the training and learn the skills because of “staffing.“

Recently, I was able to negotiate a free training through relationships built on mental health resiliency for my department. This is an extremely costly training as this is being done by a high-level instructor normally. My department was only able to allow three people from patrol to attend the training while specialty officers and detectives filled in the spots.

Keep using what the Lord has given you to identify these areas that we can bring to light and talk as we magnify the impact of courageous nobility through courageous leadership in our profession!

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