I’m glad that you mentioned how college indoctrinate students.

One of the law schools I applied to - the day I took the LSAT - had posters up - advertising an anti-police speaker.

Once in law school - I sat through multiple “panel discussions” where there was never a single “pro-police” or objective panelist.

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By holding the line and representing truth, over and over and over again, courageous leaders will prevail. Thank you for bringing an interesting topic to the forefront yet again!

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I think it is a terrible seed to plant in the minds of young people. It's sad but I've had interns and volunteers who came to the police thinking that we were terrible oppressors. The best way the police can re-establish their role in society is to do the work of police, a fantastic multi-role assignment, and make that the priority to present to the public and taxpayer.

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